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Loving Men | Tom Cowan: Facilitator

White smalladventures in intimacy

Tom Cowan

Tom says: "I've been called from many directions to step into a role as teacher, healer, mentor and leader, offering workshops and retreats for gay, bi & queer men. My training is currently focused on Ecotherapy, understanding the ways in which we can use natural environments to re-wild a sense of awe, wonder and mystery into our relationships with the self, each other and the greater web of life.

I have also trained with the Vajrasati Yoga Community in Brighton/London as a teacher, studied at the North London School of Sports Massage to develop my skills in bodywork and continue to regularly facilitate events in LGBTQ communities. I offer responsive and empathic leadership, creating inclusive spaces for participants to come together to explore co-creation, ritual, play, awareness cultivation practices and embodiment."

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