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LM@NY22: Accessibility Information

These notes have been compiled by Loving Men community member, Ben Evans, who is acting as our Access Coordinator for LM@NY 2022. If you have any questions, requests or concerns, do please email Ben directly.

Ben will be taking part in LM@NY22, and will be on hand before, during and after, to discuss your experiences, any needs you have, and how we can support access for this event and for future events. Please do get in touch!

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Ben's personal reflections

Over the last 7 years that I have been involved in Loving Men activities I have noticed that the community as a whole, led by the organising team, really embrace the idea of making Loving Men events more accessible to d/Deaf, disabled, neurodiverse and chronically ill community members. As someone living with Chronic Fatigue I have been grateful for the flexibility of the team and community in supporting my needs. But we can always improve, and accessibility is an ongoing process – never something that we can tick off the list and not think about again.

With that in mind, we would encourage any community members, or those thinking about joining one of the events, to get in touch and discuss any access needs you may have. We may not be able to offer solutions immediately, we may reply with a proposed compromise or intermediate solution, or we may have to think about how future events can be organised differently. Nevertheless, we genuinely want an active conversation about how our growing (and aging) community can better support all its members and potential members. So please do keep talking with us.

For Loving Men 2022, I am delighted to say that long before I was involved the team made the decision to move to a new venue: Yarnfield Park. True, we don’t have the rolling hills of the Peak District, nor will we have the Victorian or Edwardian grandeur of previous venues. But many of the access issues previously raised by the community will be either solved or improved hugely by the move to this venue. Thanks to the LMNY team for making this bold decision early on.