Loving Men+ at New Year 23

29th Dec – 2nd Jan 2024
Yarnfield Park, Staffordshire
Access details below

We are delighted to announce that we will be returning to Yarnfield Park in Staffordshire for a four-day event over the 2023/24 New Year holidays.

Loving Men+ at New Year is an extravaganza! There’ll be the usual Loving Men+ mix of fun, connection, depth and diverse community. And lots of workshops and activities to help you connect with yourself and others, stretch your comfort zone, be in good company and reflect on your life and where you are going.

We call our events 'Adventures in Intimacy' because they give you opportunities to try out new things, make connections, step outside of your comfort zone and probably laugh harder than you have for a long time. We hope you find our events supportive, challenging, stimulating and inspiring. That's all part of the adventure.

Loving Men+ is a trans and non-binary inclusive and welcoming space.

All the details are below! We look forward to welcoming you to LMNY23!

*The programme is subject to change*



Bookings close on Thursday 14th December
email us to check availability after that date


Booking your ticket and accommodation:

This year we are operating a two-stage booking system.
Stage 1 First, you buy your ticket for the event through the LM+ website.

Ticket Earlybird (before 1st October)Standard (from 1st October)
4-day Pass £315 (plus accom costs, see below)£365 (plus accom costs, see below)
Concessionary Ticket (for people on low income) £165 (plus accom costs, see below)£195 (plus accom costs, see below)

To apply for a discount code for a Concessionary Ticket, we ask you to briefly explain your financial situation and why you need a Concessionary ticket.

Being a member of the Crew involves helping out with various tasks over the event and gives you £200 off your ticket.

If you wish to apply to join the Crew or for a Concessionary Ticket, please use this form.


Stage 2 Second, you book your accommodation directly with Yarnfield Park. (You will receive a link and a code when you have completed Stage 1.)

Accommodation Standard
Standard Twin £295
Premium Twin £375
Premium Single £455
Premium Double £750

Your booking isn’t complete until you have completed both stages. Importantly, our full cancellation terms only apply once you have completed both stages.

Low Cost Options As usual we have a range of low cost options to help people on low incomes participate in the event. These include: paying by instalments (follow the booking procedure in Outsavvy and this option will be offered), joining the crew, concessionary tickets for people on low income, and applying for more assistance through the Bursary Fund. See our website for more information.

Paying by Instalments If you are paying on the Outsavvy payment plan you are responsible for paying the full fee you have agreed to pay. If you do not complete all your payments you may forfeit your place and the money you have paid. The cancellation policy applies to the full fee you have agreed to pay. If you cancel, you will only receive a refund if you have paid funds over and above what is due, according to the cancellation policy.

For more information please click on any of these links:



We are looking forward to a great event! Please help us spread the word!

Best wishes

The Loving Men+ Team



We welcome gay and bi men, trans men and gender non-binary people, from all walks of life who want to develop their capacity to love men. We particularly encourage participation from black and ethnic minority men, HIV positive and negative men, young and older men, trans men and disabled men.