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Loving Men | LM@NY18

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Loving Men at New Year '18

Buckland Hall, Brecon Beacons, Wales

Sunday 30 December 2018 to Thursday 03 January 2019


All of the currently-available places are now taken.
You can register on our Waiting List, in case any places become available.


Loving Men at New Year is a celebration. There are lots of activities, including a host of optional workshops to join in - on themes that help you make connections, explore intimacy, have some fun, step outside of your comfort zone and reflect on your year. Click   here  to see more details about a previous year's event.

There's also fantastic countryside to explore and delicious vegetarian food will be served throughout the event.

Last year there were more than 80 loving men present, spanning five decades in age. We had a wild, tender, meaningful, and fun time.

Please be aware that LM@NY is a personal development event, of some intensity, not just a party. Living together in a large house with nearly 90 men, and working on the themes of intimacy, connection and relationships is inevitably both challenging and pleasurable for most people. Please bear this in mind when you decide to book.

LM@NY takes place at   Buckland Hall , a spectacular country house, set in the Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales. Think open fires, comfortable sofas, beautiful meeting spaces, and wide open views of our very own Welsh valley from every window.


This year's theme: Taking Risks & Playing Safe

The theme for this year's event is Taking Risks & Playing Safe. For intimate relationships to work there seems to be a need for a combination of trust, safety and security on the one-hand, as well as stimulation, evolution and growth on the other.

Too much of either end of the continuum between Safety and Risk is likely to undermine intimacy in the longer-term. If there's an over-abundance of emotional risk and challenge in a relationship, it can be too scary and we close down or want to flee. Too much safety and security and the relationship can feel claustrophobic or lifeless.

Learning to develop trust and realness through good communication, and build tolerance of both feelings of security and feelings of risk, seems to be a good recipe for sustained intimacy.

We'll work with the theme of Taking Risks & Playing Safe in various ways to help explore the paradoxes of intimate relating, play with possibilities and learn new things about ourselves and relationships.


Dates & Times:

Loving Men at New Year '18 starts on 30 December this year. You are welcome to arrive after 5:00 pm, for supper at 6:15 pm. If you are likely to be late, please    email Peter   to warn him. The event closes on 03 January, with departures by 2:30 pm. As far as possible, please arrange your arrival and departure times so you can benefit from the entire event.



There is a wide range of accommodation, both within the Hall and as a non-resident. For the latter, you are responsible for booking and funding a local B&B or hotel place. The single rooms at the Hall share bathroom facilities with one other single room. All the other rooms have bathrooms and WCs en-suite.

Twin rooms can be set up as twins or as doubles, as required. All places within the Hall are on divan beds, apart from Mattress places, which are fully made-up beds with mattresses, but without divan bases. The mattress places are within Dormitory Rooms (4 beds and 2 mattress places) and Triple Rooms (2 beds and 1 mattress place).

The choices are:

  • Mattress place: £385
  • Dormitory: £450
  • Triple en-suite: £470
  • Twin en-suite: £510
  • Single: £690
  • Non-resident: £385


Register on our Waiting List:

All of the currently-avaiable places are now booked. You can join a Waiting List for any places that may become free. Please    email Peter   giving your preference for the type of place. He will contact you should any places become available.


Individual Requirements:

A small selection of places of various types has been reserved for the time being. This will allow us to provide accommodation for men who may have medical or other needs. If this applies to you, please    email Peter   or    request a call-back .


Bursary Fund:

Assistance for men on low incomes may be available from the   Bursary Fund .

This is a wonderful way to celebrate yourself and the turning of the year. It is a seasonal rite of passage for the 21st Century.

Residential Events

Non-residential Events

Booking, deposits, final payments and cancellation

  • the standard deposit is £150

  • your balance is due 6 weeks before the start of the event

  • your place and deposit may be forfeited if we do not receive your balance 4 weeks before the start of the event

  • if you cancel 6 weeks or more before the event, we will return your deposit, less a £30 contribution to administrative costs

  • if you cancel between 2 and 6 weeks before the event, we will refund your payment for the event, minus the £150 deposit

  • if you cancel within 14 days of the start of the event, Loving Men reserve the right to retain your full fee

  • Booking, payments and cancellation

  • fees are payable in full at the time of booking

  • if you cancel your place 6 weeks or more before the event, we will return your fee, less a £30 contribution to administrative costs

  • if you cancel between 2 and 6 weeks before the event, we will return 50% of your fee

  • if you cancel within 14 days of the start of the event, Loving Men reserve the right to retain your full fee

  • Insurance

    For all events, Loving Men advise you to take out travel insurance to cover yourself for illness, emergency or cancellation


    Conduct at Events

    To ensure your own and others' welfare, Loving Men asks you to:

  • be responsible for your own safety and exercise due care for yourself throughout the event

  • be respectful towards others and of their personal boundaries

  • take care of the venue and equipment, and respect the boundaries of the host organisation