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Loving Men | It's A Sin

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"It's a Sin"
Debrief Circle

Sunday 21 February, 6:00 - 8:30 pm on Zoom



Many of us have been moved and stirred by Channel 4’s new drama It’s a Sin, written by Russell T Davies. We invite you to an online debrief conversation, where we can share your feelings, reactions, memories and life experiences in relation to the themes of the show.

AIDS and HIV has been a really big thing for many of us having lived through the epidemic, the fear, the discrimination and the losses. While now we have great care and treatment there are still many of us living with the virus and affected in many ways. With the current COVID epidemic it's interesting to see how this epidemic has been handled in a different way. Again, there have been sections of the community that have been more affected than others - including Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities, people in care home, working class communities and those with preexisting health conditions.

Whether you lived through the 80s or have come to better understand this painful and profound period of queer history through the drama, there’s a warm welcome to come and share with us at the circle.

It’s a Sin is available to watch on All4, the Channel 4 streaming service.


Hugely appreciate you creating the space that so successfully combined security and personal challenge
Event attendee