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Loving Men | Diversity Statement

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Loving Men Diversity Statement

Loving Men is a diverse community. Diversity and inclusion are central to who we are. We have been building an inclusive, diverse and welcoming community for 20 years. It is important to us that bi, queer and trans men, and gender non-binary people who are attracted to men, as well as gay men feel welcome, included and safe enough to participate in our events.

We particularly encourage participation from those within an ethnic minority group, including people who are Black, African and Asian, and people who are HIV positive and negative, younger and older, and disabled, as well as trans men and non-binary people who are attracted to men.

We believe that connecting across differences and dismantling oppressive structures is as much the work of intimacy as learning to listen or share your feelings with another person. If you only want to be with people just like you, our events are not the right place for you. We work hard towards creating a space that is free from bigotry and prejudice and where there is support and challenge to address racism, classism, ableism, ageism, transphobia, biphobia, femme-shaming, HIV prejudice and body-shaming, among other things.

We appreciate that some people know less about these issues and principles, and that others of us may have differing views and feelings about what can be complex and emotional territory. We are up for a discussion and to learn together in a respectful dialogue. If you book a place on our events, we ask you to commit to joining us in this endeavour.

Thank you for a fantastic and varied event.  Loving Men gets better and better.