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Getting more of what you want in relationships

A three-night Loving Men residential event
Friday 20 - Monday 23 September 2019
Poulstone Court, Herefordshire

with Dennis Carney and Tim Foskett

There’s an art to getting what you want in relationships – its called Communication.

Communication is the baseline for being intimate with another person. Communicating well allows us to get close, be understood, understand, and feel connected – even when we feel differently to each other.

It allows us to share what we are needing or wanting and to actively grow our relationships – sometimes beyond our wildest dreams.

Come and join a group of gay, bi and queer men, over four days exploring the finely-tuned world of making connection, and take a deep dive into the art of intimate communication.

We welcome gay and bi men from all walks of life who want to develop their capacity to love other men. Reflecting our own diversity as a group of facilitators, we particularly encourage participation from: Black, Asian and ethnic minority men; men with disabilities; HIV positive and negative men; younger and older men; trans men and non-binary people who are attracted to men.


Our venue for Communicate! is the beautiful   Poulstone Court  in Herefordshire, set in the Wye valley, an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is accessible from the Midlands and the South of England. Approximately 3 hours drive from London and 4 hours on public transport.

Set in beautiful grounds and close to a river with swimming opportunities, the views from all parts of the house are stunning- providing an uninterrupted vista of the rolling Wye valley landscape.

The full address is: Poulstone Court, Kings Caple, Herefordshire HR1 4UA

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Accommodation is in twin, triple and dorm rooms. All bedrooms are on the first and second floors. Unfortunately the Hall does not have a lift. Some bring-your-own-tent or camper van spots are also available. Another option is to stay locally in a Bed & Breakfast. You are responsible for booking and funding this yourself.

A small number of low-occupancy room places are initially reserved for men with medical or other special needs. Please    email Peter  for further information.

  • Dormitory Rooms (4/5 Beds): £455
  • Triple Rooms: £485
  • Twin Rooms: £515
  • Camping: £405
  • External B&B Place: £430 (Add the cost for B&B accommodation you book for yourself)

Local B&Bs

  • Red Rail Farm, Hoarwithy, Hereford HR2 6QT: 01432 840432
  • Wiggles Brook Gipsy B&B, 2 Brookside Cottages, Hoarwithy, Hereford HR2 6QJ: 01432 840873
  • The Old Mill, Hoarwithy, Hereford HR2 6QH: 01432 840602

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    You may book on-line using a credit or debit card. Please use the links at the foot of the page to review our Terms & Conditions, then make a booking in our on-line store. You secure your place with a £150 deposit. The balance is due 6 weeks before the event starts.

    Bursary Fund

    Assistance for men on low incomes may be available from the   Bursary Fund .

    Arrival and Departure

    You are welcome to arrive between 4:00 and 6:00 pm on Friday 20 September. We will start with an introductory session after supper. We will depart on Monday 23 September at 4:00 pm.
    As far as possible, please arrange your transport to and from Poulstone to coincide with the event start and finish times.


    The menu at Poulstone is vegetarian, delicious and plentiful. The recipes have been developed over a period of twenty-five years. They are hugely popular, so much so that Poulstone has now its own recipe book. Poulstone also caters for vegan and gluten free diets.


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    Hugely appreciate you creating the space that so successfully combined security and personal challenge
    Loving Men Participant

    Residential Events

    Non-residential Events

    Booking, deposits, final payments and cancellation

  • the standard deposit is £150

  • your balance is due 6 weeks before the start of the event

  • your place and deposit may be forfeited if we do not receive your balance 4 weeks before the start of the event

  • if you cancel 6 weeks or more before the event, we will return your deposit, less a £30 contribution to administrative costs

  • if you cancel between 2 and 6 weeks before the event, we will refund your payment for the event, minus the £150 deposit

  • if you cancel within 14 days of the start of the event, Loving Men reserve the right to retain your full fee

  • Booking, payments and cancellation

  • fees are payable in full at the time of booking

  • if you cancel your place 6 weeks or more before the event, we will return your fee, less a £30 contribution to administrative costs

  • if you cancel between 2 and 6 weeks before the event, we will return 50% of your fee

  • if you cancel within 14 days of the start of the event, Loving Men reserve the right to retain your full fee

  • Insurance

    For all events, Loving Men advise you to take out travel insurance to cover yourself for illness, emergency or cancellation


    Conduct at Events

    To ensure your own and others' welfare, Loving Men asks you to:

  • be responsible for your own safety and exercise due care for yourself throughout the event

  • be respectful towards others and of their personal boundaries

  • take care of the venue and equipment, and respect the boundaries of the host organisation