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Bursary Fund

It is our aim to support people with low disposable incomes to attend our workshops. Funds come from the Loving Men at New Year Silent Auction (see below) and additionally individuals have kindly made donations to the Fund. Thank you all!!

Applying for Bursary Support If you would like to apply for financial assistance to attend an event, first have a look at our Bursary Application Guidelines. There is a further link to an on-line application form at the foot of the Guidelines Page.

The Silent Auction We ask people to donate items to be auctioned at the Loving Men at New Year Event (auctioned items included pictures, massages, career coaching, etc). In 2018/19 we raised over £3,000, which enabled the participation of 5 men in Communicate! and 12 men in LM@NY19, either with free places or at reduced cost.

Facilitators' Contribution The facilitators contribute 20% of all bursary awards. If £100 is awarded, the Bursary Fund contributes £80 and the facilitators contribute the remaining £20.



Make a donation

If you are able to help someone attend our Events, who would otherwise not be able to, please click on this button to make a donation using a Debit or Credit Card:



Thank you for a fantastic and varied event. Loving Men gets better and better.