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We provide personal development events and resources for gay and bi men to meet each other on a deeper level and experience a stronger sense of community.

We call our events 'adventures in intimacy' because they give you opportunities to get intimate, try out new things, make connections, step outside of your comfort zone and probably laugh harder than you have for a long time. We hope you find our events supportive, challenging, stimulating and inspiring. That's all part of the adventure.

We welcome all gay, bi, queer and trans men who love men and who want to develop their capacity to love other men. We particularly encourage participation from black and ethnic minority men, HIV positive and negative men, young and older men, trans men and disabled men.

Loving Men welcomes those in recovery from addictions to substances or behaviours that may cause problems in their lives. Loving Men residential events are often held in locations where it is not practical for people with addiction issues to go to support meetings. Where desired men in recovery have met at Loving Men events to help each other stay clean and sober. Please speak to one of the facilitators of the event if this would be helpful to you.

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You are warmly invited to come and join in!
The Loving Men Team